フィリピン人講師紹介(Gayle ゲイル )


Name Ann Gayle S. Sibonghanoy (Gayle ゲイル)

Post TOEICコース、英検準1級コース

Career as an English teacher

Though I never dreamed of becoming a teacher, I’ve always been fascinated with the English language. Hence, I chose and still choose to be an English teacher after all these years. I started working as an ESL teacher in 2012.

My background is mainly teaching children and basic conversational English, but I have taught students from various age brackets and from absolute beginners to advanced learners. My experience also includes teaching in groups and one to one in different settings using varied approaches, materials and curriculums.


Every day is a learning day, so every day we get the chance to improve and become better in whatever we have and wherever we are. Learning never stops as long as we open our minds and keep on looking for new opportunities to acquire new knowledge and skills.

Relating it to learning a foreign language, it is vital to consistently use the language and continuously find ways to expand your knowledge with the language. Nothing would happen if you wouldn’t take action to improve and learn. So, it would really take effort and time to accomplish our tasks, achieve our goals and reach our dreams.

I would always remind my students to be enthusiastic in life in order for them to become better in what they do and have a better outlook with things, not just in learning English.

As thinking and rational growing individuals, we learn, unlearn and relearn things. So, it’s inevitable and at the same time alright to fail, make mistakes and have unsatisfying results with our performances, because those are parts of the learning process. Life would be less exciting if we were already perfect and impeccable, meaning we don’t need to learn anything new anymore and there is nothing more to look forward to.

Accepting our flaws and knowing that there is always room for improvement and that we can still be more than what we are now in the future would keep us from focusing on failures and our deficiencies, rather focusing on the good and growth which would give us more motivation to strive for the better. Whatever we do, we should not expect for perfection, because it would lead to disappointments. Instead, enjoy the opportunity, always put your best foot forward and do things with a happy heart.

There is no bad outcome in having a positive attitude toward anything. Therefore, we must enjoy while learning and just do our best all the time.


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